How to check the computer graphics card

Author: Alen    Posted: 4 October 2022   Viewed: 353 times   Tag: #Windows 10 

The computer graphics card is a big part of the computer host. The quality of the graphics card directly affects the gaming experience of the computer. A good graphics card can double your gaming experience, and a good graphics card is attractive to game enthusiasts.

1. On the " My Computer " icon, right-click the tab to appear, and left-click " Properties ".

2. In the control panel home page on the left, select " Device Manager ".

3. In the open " Device Manager ", find and click " Display Adapter " to clearly see the graphics card model.

4. Right-click on a blank taskbar and select " Task Manager ".

5. Select the " Performance " option, click " GPU ", and you can see the usage of the graphics card on the right.

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