Fixed: register account error

Author: GG    Posted: 5 October 2022   Viewed: 7491 times   Tag: #Linux 

Error: Using CA: Create account key ok. No EAB credentials found for ZeroSSL, let`s get one Usage: _hmac hashalg secret [outputhex] Registering account: Register account Error: {"type":"urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed","status":400,"detail":"[External Account Binding] The JWS Signature MUST be present"} Please add `--debug` or `--log` to check more details. See:

Reason: The changed default CA to ZeroSSL on August 2021

You can resolve this by requesting ZeroSSL support for account creation. Also on the official ZeroSSL website you can create an account and generate a free ssl without the need for shell commands.

But if you want to continue with Let’s encrypt as before here is the solution: --set-default-ca --server letsencrypt