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Do not want to show my outlook meeting details to others

Status: Active | Case Number: 0000011 | Created By: MIke | Created Date: 2021-02-03 10:50:53 EST

Hi TS-Wiki,

I got a question for you, I am ok to share my outlook schedule with other people, but I don’t want them to see WHAT exact the meeting titles (appointment titles) are. Basically people can check my availability via outlook, but don’t want to everyone know what exactly the meetings I have with other members. How to change the setup in outlook to do so?



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TS-Wiki Technical Support
Posted: 2021-02-03 11:21:42 EST

Hi Mike,

You can use the following methods to let others to view when you are busy:

1. Click on calendar

2. Go to Home > Share Calendar > Calendar 

3. Permission > Choose the shared group > Select Can view when I`m busy 


TS-Wiki Support


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