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Unable to click Next on License Agreement page when installing SCVMM

Status: Closed | Case Number: 0000009 | Created By: Daniel | Created Date: 2021-01-16 09:28:36 EST

I am attempting to install SCVMM on a new server and I am unable to get past the license agreement. I check the agree box and the "Next" button  but nothing happens. 

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TS-Wiki Technical Support
Posted: 2021-01-16 09:31:35 EST

Hi Daniel,

Mostly, you experience this issue, because the Microsoft Virtual C++ 2012 is NOT installed successfully. Firstly, please make sure that you have local admin permissions on the computer before you run the setup. Please exit the current installation wizard, and re-launch the setup.exe, Microsoft Virtual C++ 2012 should be installed automatically during installation.


TS-Wiki Support


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